Welcome.US | One Year Of Welcoming

Our First Year of Welcome

Celebrating a Nation of Welcomers


Welcome.US is reimagining refugee resettlement as a whole-country effort. This past year has proven that when we open up the resettlement system and invite the participation of every part of America – from corporations to civic organizations to everyday people – we tap into the best of America, and a reservoir of welcome that far expands what government systems can do on their own. As increasing conflict, climate change, violence, and oppression drive ever more people to flee their homes, we envision an America that gives people in need of refuge access to safety, security, and the chance to rebuild their lives and achieve their human potential.

“We’ve been deeply inspired by the desire of Americans –  from every corner and every sector of the country – to help. Through these acts of welcome, Americans have been finding themselves, finding each other, and finding again the country and community they believe in – a nation that welcomes, that provides safety and refuge, that helps strivers – as all newcomers are – become new Americans.”
- Nazanin Ash, Welcome.US CEO

Welcoming in Numbers

At A Glance

441 organizations
Coalition of Welcomers

441 organizations and 221 leaders make up the Welcome Coalition and Council.

$20M+ Raised
Supporting Frontline Organizations

The Welcome Fund, in partnership with GoFundMe.org, has raised more than $20M, supporting resettlement agencies and 180 frontline organizations, nearly 70% of which are refugee, diaspora, veteran, or faith-led.

$179 million
Private Sector Contributions

Welcome.US CEO Council members contributed $179,074,000 in goods, services and funds to resettlement efforts in the U.S. over the past year.

Sponsorship Connections
More than 58,000 Afghans and Ukrainians Welcomed by American Sponsors

Over 130,000 Americans have signed up to sponsor, and Welcome.US is powering Americans’ desire to help.

68,000 Jobs Posted
Hiring Newcomers

68,000 jobs posted by 224 companies on the Welcome.US Employment Exchange. Plus, nationwide hiring fairs for newcomers.

$18.8 million
In-Kind Donations

329 organizations are on the Welcome Exchange, and $18.8M in-kind donations have been made to resettlement organizations.

How It Started

Welcome.US was created in response to an extraordinary challenge: resettling close to 100,000 Afghan allies fleeing Taliban-controlled Afghanistan with a government system that had welcomed just over 11,000 refugees the year before. A mere six months later, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drove millions of Ukrainians to flee their homes. We needed to build a system that could not only meet the specific challenges brought on by these crises, but one with durable capacity and the resilience to meet the next moment of crisis that we know will inevitably come. We needed a whole-of-society response; a truly American effort. 

Welcome.US is the story of how the American people rose to meet an unprecedented challenge: this is what we’ve built together over the last 365 days.

Innovating Solutions with the Private Sector

As the private sector partner of the U.S. government, Welcome.US created diverse points of entry for corporate engagement. Our CEO Council brings together nearly 40 of the country’s most iconic companies to innovate new solutions to meet the tangible needs of newcomers at scale – modernizing the resettlement system to grow capacity. These efforts have yielded millions of dollars worth of donated goods and services, but are also vastly expanding systems for newcomer employment, providing household supplies, accessing legal services, and sponsorship. 

Private sector partners are also helping to grow participation in welcoming by sharing calls to action with employees and consumers. Employees of participating corporations are also invited to become Welcomers, as volunteers at legal clinics, hiring fairs, or community-based organizations focused on local resettlement; or by helping to raise awareness about the work of Welcome.US and sponsorship. The combined workforce of CEO Council member organizations constitutes millions of employees who have the potential of being Welcomers in their local communities: they are a crucial component of the welcome movement.

“Connectivity is at the heart of T-Mobile’s business – and increasingly, essential to virtually all aspects of modern life. For those who have left everything due to conflicts in Afghanistan and Ukraine, we know that connectivity is an especially critical lifeline to help them establish their lives here in the U.S.

 That’s why I’m excited about T-Mobile’s partnership with Welcome.US. Together we’re helping newcomers stay connected through free service plans and devices, while also providing access to networking and employment opportunities to help our new neighbors thrive.” – Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO

Employment Marketplace
Employment Marketplace

68,000 open jobs offered by 224 companies via the Employment Exchange.

Career Pathways
Career Pathways

At hiring fairs nationwide, corporations offer career pathways – not just entry-level jobs – with roles that fit newcomers’ education and skill level. One of our most successful hiring fairs took place in Atlanta, Georgia.

Essential Goods
Essential Goods

Platforms to provide essential goods for newcomers, with $18.8M in goods and services already provided through the Welcome Exchange and a new ability to donate funds to purchase essential goods on Welcome Essentials.

CEO Council
CEO Council

CEOs of 36 companies have come together to mobilize their companies and employees in acts of welcome. Members contributed more than $179M to Welcome.US and other resettlement partners in the U.S. over the past year.

Safe Travel and Housing
Safe Travel and Housing

The equivalent of over 800 million donated airline miles brought more than 20,000 of our Afghan allies to safety in their new communities across the country through a partnership with Miles4Migrants. And with Airbnb.org, Americans were able to donate temporary housing when Afghan newcomers faced acute housing shortages upon arrival.

Last Mile
Last Mile

Leveraging Amazon’s expertise, delivered more than $2M essential items to newcomers nationwide. Learn more.

Stories of Welcome – Innovating for Impact

With visionary leadership from the CEOs of Google and Accenture, the Welcome.US CEO Council has created diverse points of entry for corporate engagement in the work of resettlement. Leveraging their unique areas of expertise, and activating both their employees and consumers as Welcomers, the CEO Council is a cornerstone of the growing welcome movement.

Bringing Communities into the Resettlement System

This year, Welcome.US partnered with the U.S. government to help relieve pressure on the traditional resettlement system – which consists of just nine heroic refugee resettlement agencies – by allowing everyday people to assume responsibility for a newly-arrived family in their community. Americans seized that opportunity: over 800 Afghans were directly sponsored by everyday Americans in groups of five or more through the Sponsor Circles program and by iconic service organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, Islamic Relief USA, Lions Club, and others who mobilized their memberships to support newcomers. 

The success of those efforts later served as the blueprint for the Uniting for Ukraine program, which allows Americans to directly sponsor Ukrainians displaced by the Russian invasion and makes it possible for them to find safety and refuge in the United States. Now, six months since the launch of that program Americans signed up to sponsor more refugees than the U.S. government has admitted in the last five fiscal years combined.

“So if someone else wanted to do this, I would say 110%, go for it. Knowing that you’re helping someone really build a life.” - Sonya, Cleveland, OH

“We are proud to partner with Welcome.US to help 100,000 displaced Ukrainians seek safe haven in the United States, and we will continue to support the Ukrainian people in their hour of need.” – David Soloman, Chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs

Anyone Can Be A Sponsor, Including You!
Welcome Connect

Welcome Connect

Built with Goldman Sachs, ServiceNow and Infosys, a first-of-its-kind tech platform that connects potential sponsors with newcomers.

Sponsorship Training

Sponsorship Training

New training tools provide greater access to information for those welcoming newcomers in the United States.

Mobilizing for Uniting for Ukraine

Mobilizing for Uniting for Ukraine

Central hub of resources and information on sponsorship under Uniting for Ukraine.

Stories of Welcome – Connections Change Lives

Welcome.US and its partners have played essential roles in developing the innovations and architecture to support Americans to sponsor Afghan and Ukrainian newcomers. By inviting everyday people to participate, we dramatically expanded our capacity for welcome and helped provide the sense of belonging so critical to the success of our new neighbors. With the leadership of Goldman Sachs, we have rapidly accelerated the opportunity for Americans to serve as sponsors.

The Welcome Movement

Over the course of this year, we’ve not only added much-needed capacity to our existing systems – we’ve started building a more engaged, more politically and geographically diverse, and more durable movement of welcome in America. It’s a movement that transcends real or perceived political, religious, geographic, ethnic or other divides. Our call to action has resonated with Americans everywhere, in every community, of every background, because it encompasses what Americans are already doing every day: being good neighbors. Helping those in need. Serving our communities. Civic organizations as diverse as Lions Clubs International, Samaritan's Purse, Islamic Relief USA, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers, veteran-led Team Rubicon, refugee-led Viets for Afghans, and hundreds of community organizations have all become new players in the work of welcome.

“I helped build the chairs, and I also gave them my bike. It makes me feel good to help other families and know I’m doing it for a good reason and a good cause. So it feels like I’m actually part of something very, very big.” – Julian, 12-year-old Welcomer

And I think that, to me, was just the heart of it, the core of it: how can we share this love, this sense of home, the sense of community with a family that is suffering such deep trauma?” – Max, Julian’s father

Communities of Welcomers

Together, we have built the largest, most diverse coalition of people and organizations engaged in resettlement work in American history.

Veteran Community
Veteran Community

Veterans were some of the first to step up as Welcomers for our Afghan allies, organizing to quickly respond to initial resettlement needs and providing ongoing support to welcome newcomers from Afghanistan as well as Ukraine. Their unique skills and commitment to these communities have created deep relationships and effective organizations nationwide.

Faith Communities
Faith Communities

Congregations and members of faith groups have long offered a helping hand to those in need, and when the need for welcome was greatest following the fall of Kabul and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, new faith networks rallied their memberships to help. From national faith organizations to individual congregations and families, a diverse and growing community is providing refuge to newcomers in crisis.

Diaspora Organizations
Diaspora Organizations

Diaspora organizations have been a central force in providing welcome over the past year. In fact, 67% of Welcome Fund grantees are Afghan American, Muslim, veteran, or refugee-led organizations. And 27 Ukrainian American organizations have partnered with Welcome.US to raise awareness on Uniting for Ukraine and sponsorship.

Nonprofits and Community Organizations
Nonprofits and Community Organizations

Together, this inspiring coalition of national and local nonprofits and community organizations has served tens of thousands of people in hundreds of communities across the country. Whether by resettling newcomers, meeting basic needs, advocating for human rights, lifting up diaspora communities, or serving veterans, all of these groups are stepping up and leading as Welcomers at this critical moment.

Corporate America
Corporate America

As the private sector partner of the U.S. government, Welcome.US created diverse points of entry for corporate engagement. Businesses and their leaders, including those on the Welcome.US CEO Council, bring a range of resources – expertise, talent, technology, and financial investments – to the table. Welcome.US and its corporate partners have brought new innovations to meet the needs of newcomers at scale–and to engage employees and consumers in the work of welcoming.  

Local and State Governments
Local and State Governments

States and cities across the country have opened their communities to Afghan and Ukrainian newcomers. Red States and Blue States are places of welcome – as committed state and local leaders across the political spectrum put forth policies and dedicate resources to welcome newcomers–knowing how newcomers revitalize their communities and economies.

What Act of Welcome Will You Do Today?


Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have become Welcomers in their communities.

Funding Frontline Organizations

Funding Frontline Organizations

Anyone can donate to the Welcome Fund, which has provided grants to 180 organizations supporting newcomers.



The Welcome Legal Alliance mobilizes our nation’s lawyers and other volunteers to provide pro bono legal support to newcomers.

Stories of Welcome – A Nation of Welcomers

Communities across the country have welcomed newcomers, helping them settle into their new homes and neighborhoods. Welcomers and newcomers alike have found great joy in these special bonds – growing a national movement of welcome.

A Year of Welcoming


Our First Year of Welcome: Celebrating a Nation of Welcomers

When Kabul fell and nearly 80,000 Afghans began arriving in the United States, it was clear that our heroic refugee resettlement system – which had resettled just 11,840 refugees the previous year – would quickly become overwhelmed. It also presented an opportunity to do more than just support our Afghan allies, it gave us an ever more pressing reason to modernize our resettlement system – and build enduring new capacity – by creating new pathways for everyday Americans to offer welcome to newcomers. 

So for the first time in over four decades, we reimagined refugee resettlement not just as a government process but as a community effort – a whole-of-society response that tapped deeply into the strength of America’s private sector, civil society, and people.  

We issued a call to action and the American people and our institutions responded. The refugee resettlement community, Afghan American and Ukrainian American communities, top CEOs across the country, leaders from nonprofits and faith-based institutions, government actors across local, state and national levels, former U.S. presidents and first ladies, and thousands of regular Americans worked together to create a culture of welcome and support for newcomers to the United States. Everywhere we turned, Americans overwhelmingly said “yes.” And their “yes” holds immense power. 

The results of this experiment have been extraordinary, and they reveal so much about who we, as a nation, are willing to be in the world. Americans met arriving newcomers at airports and military safe havens, with our nation’s veterans at the center of the initial response.  Major airlines, travel industry leaders and the American people united around an airline miles challenge to secure donated flights for Afghan evacuees. Americans are opening their homes to newcomers thanks to housing innovators who made it possible; businesses are building new mechanisms to identify and meet the practical needs of newcomers; colleges and universities are providing language training, scholarships, and admission. A new Welcome Employment Exchange connects newcomers to available jobs; and new policy innovations and a new Welcome Connect platform enable Americans to sponsor thousands of Ukrainians seeking refuge in the United States. This is just the beginning and the innovations continue, drawing on the creativity, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.

While the Welcome.US team spent its first year responding to twin crises – the fall of Kabul and the invasion of Ukraine – we also built a  community-centered model for refugee and newcomer integration that is more than simply a response to this moment. It’s a pathway to better meeting the challenge of global displacement – a crisis that now affects 100 million people worldwide, living their lives in limbo, without safety, security, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives and make their contributions. And it’s a pathway to strengthening our culture of welcome. Together, we are honoring our history by offering hope and being a place of refuge for people fleeing violence, oppression, and persecution. And we are rediscovering who we are as Americans: A nation of Welcomers. 

This first year has given us a proof of concept: the American people, the private sector, civic institutions, diverse community organizations, and government actors can work together to offer refuge – lifelines – at scale. From here, we can expand our resettlement system in a way that is durable and resilient – making sure that as a nation, we have both the capacity and the commitment to welcome many more. 

Our organization harnesses the enduring willingness of Americans across politics, faiths, races, ethnicities and other real or perceived differences to offer their hands and hearts to strengthen their communities and help their new neighbors. In just one year, our work revealed a beautiful truth about our people, communities and nation: We are Welcomers. We say yes. And we will say it again and again in the years to come. Join us.

-Nazanin Ash, John Bridgeland, Anya McMurray and Cecilia Muñoz

Our Deepest Gratitude

This year of welcome would not have been possible without the support of our partners across all sectors of American life. Your commitment to growing a movement of welcome and innovating new solutions to the unprecedented challenge we took on together made an impact far beyond what we could have imagined. Thank you for leading the way.

Welcome.US Honorary Co-Chairs
President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

President George W. Bush

President George W. Bush

Laura Bush

Laura Bush

President Bill Clinton

President Bill Clinton

Secretary Hillary Clinton

Secretary Hillary Clinton

President Jimmy Carter

President Jimmy Carter

Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn Carter

The Welcome Council
  • Ambassador Javid Ahmad 

  • Basma Alawee 

  • Douglas X. Alexander 

  • Sharif Aly 

  • Rina Amiri 

  • Shamail Amiri

  • Greg Anderson 

  • José Andrés 

  • Brother Luke Armour 

  • Bilal Askaryar 

  • Joseph Azam 

  • Naheed Samadi Bahram 

  • Rye Barcott 

  • Melody Barnes 

  • Dan Bartlett 

  • Jenna Ben-Yahuda 

  • Mayor R.J. Berry 

  • Rich Besser 

  • Nate Blecharczyk 

  • Rebecca Blumenstein 

  • Josh Bolten 

  • Michael Breen 

  • Connie Britton 

  • Tawnya Brown 

  • Governor Sam Brownback 

  • Mary Beth Bruggeman

  • Laura Bryant 

  • Governor Jeb Bush 

  • Sophia Bush 

  • Caleb Campbell 

  • Bill Canny 

  • Bonnie Carroll

  • Maureen E. Casey 

  • Carolyn Cawley 

  • Oscar Chacon 

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  • Sasha Chanoff 

  • Cher 

  • Brian Chesky 

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  • Deepak Chopra 

  • Amanda Cosby 

  • John Culver 

  • Bishop Michael Curry 

  • Archbishop Daniel 

  • Mizgon Darby 

  • Farhad Darya 

  • Sloane Davidson 

  • Mandana Dayani 

  • Patricia de Stacy Harrison 

  • Meredith Dewitt 

  • Ambassador Paula J. Dobriansky 

  • Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville 

  • Margo Drakos 

  • Emal Dusst 

  • Allison Duvall 

  • Gary Edson 

  • David S. Evangelista 

  • Eric Eversole 

  • Elham Fanous 

  • Geeta Farahmand 

  • Renata Ferrari

  • Nadiya Folk 

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  • Tim Garvin 

  • Joe Gebbia 

  • Michael Gerson 

  • Azita Ghanizada 

  • Don Gips 

  • Tony Goldwyn 

  • Lynda Gonzales-Chavez 

  • Archbishop Borys Gudziak 

  • Reverend Cynthia Hale 

  • Cherie Harder 

  • Melinda Haring 

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  • Stephen Heintz 

  • Becca Heller 

  • Wade Henderson 

  • Governor Gary Herbert 

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  • John Hewko 

  • Marielena Hincapie 

  • Andrew Horbachevsky 

  • Khaled Hosseini 

  • Dave Isay 

  • Laleh Ispahani 

  • Natalie Jaresko 

  • Irene Jarosewich 

  • Secretary Jeh Johnson 

  • Guerline Jozef 

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  • Yo-Yo Ma 

  • Imam Mohamed Magid 

  • Katherine Maher 

  • Gregory Maniatis 

  • Ryan Manion 

  • Anita McBride 

  • General Stan McChrystal 

  • Nadia McConnell 

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  • Nicole Melaku 

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  • David Miliband

  • Rabbi Jack Moline 

  • Janet Murguia 

  • Dr. Kerry Murphy Healey 

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  • Ambassador Melanne Verveer 

  • U.S. Army Lt. Col. (Ret.) Alexander Vindman 

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  • Obaid Younossi 

  • Neelab Yousafzi 

  • Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch 

  • Sofia Zacharczuk 

  • Marianna Zajac

Inaugural Members of Welcome.US CEO Council
  • AIG

  • Accenture

  • Adobe Inc

  • Advent International

  • Airbnb

  • Amazon

  • American Express Global Business Travel

  • Apple

  • Blackstone

  • Business Roundtable

  • Chubb Limited

  • Comcast NBCUniversal

  • Delta Air Lines

  • Gap Inc.

  • Gibson Dunn

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Google

  • HP Inc

  • Lyft

  • ManpowerGroup

  • Marriott International, Inc.

  • Meta

  • Microsoft Corporation

  • Pfizer

  • Snap Inc.

  • Starbucks Corporation

  • T-Mobile

  • TelevisaUnivision

  • Tent Partnership for Refugees

  • The Bank of America Corporation

  • Tripadvisor

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

  • Uber Technologies, Inc

  • United Airlines, Inc

  • Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc

  • Walmart

The Welcome Coalition
  • #AfghanEvac

  • AACI-Center for Survivors of Torture and New Refugees

  • Afghan American Alliance of Georgia

  • Afghan American Muslim Outreach

  • Afghan Coalition

  • Afghan Diaspora Hub

  • Afghan Home USA

  • Afghan Refugee Crisis Committee

  • Afghan Refugee Relief

  • Afghan-American Community Organization

  • Afghan-American Foundation

  • Afghan-American Women Association

  • Afghan-American Women's Association

  • Afghanistan Youth Relief Foundation

  • Afghans of Puget Sound Alliance

  • Alamo Colleges District

  • Alianta

  • Alianza Americas

  • Alight

  • All Dulles Area Muslim Society

  • Alliance for Refugee Youth Support and Education

  • Allied Youth Relief Foundation

  • Amaanah Services

  • America's Voice

  • American Immigration Council

  • American Immigration Lawyers Association

  • American Muslim Advisory Council

  • American Red Cross

  • Amnesty International USA

  • An-Nisa Hope Center

  • Ansaar of Worcester

  • Arab-American Family Support Center

  • Arizona State University

  • Association of Wartime Allies

  • Asylee Women Enterprise

  • Asylum Access

  • AsylumWorks

  • Baby2Baby

  • Bach Viet Association

  • Bethany Christian Services

  • Blue Star Families

  • Boat People SOS

  • Building Peaceful Bridges

  • Businesses for Refugees

  • CAIR Oklahoma

  • CARE


  • Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri

  • Catholic Charities USA

  • Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants

  • Center for Gender & Refugee Studies

  • Center for Migration Studies

  • Center for Refugee Services

  • The Center for Victims of Torture

  • Central Washington University

  • Chicago Refugee Coalition

  • Church World Service

  • Climate Refugees

  • Colorado State University

  • Combined Arms

  • Common Defense

  • Community Help Center DBA Muslim Women Resource Center

  • Community Outreach and Resource for Excellence

  • Community Sponsorship Hub

  • Concordia

  • Cornerstone Marriage & Family Intervention

  • Culture of Health - Advancing Together (CHAT)

  • Culturingua

  • Dream Corps

  • Eagle Online Academy

  • ECDC - Ethiopian Community Development Council

  • Elena's Light 

  • Elizabeth Dole Foundation

  • The Elizabeth Dole Foundation

  • Episcopal Migration Ministries

  • Ethaar

  • Evacuate Our Allies

  • Every Campus a Refuge

  • Exodus World Service

  • Famil

  • For Charlotte

  • Freedom Learning Group

  • Fresh Start Refugee Assistance Center

  • Fugees Family

  • George W. Bush Institute

  • Georgia Asylum and Immigration Network

  • Give an Hour

  • Global Emergency Response and Assistance

  • Global Friends of Afghanistan

  • Global Response and Assistance

  • Global Ties U.S.

  • Globally

  • Glocally Connected

  • Good360

  • Goodwill Industries International

  • The Green Chair Project

  • Guilford College

  • Haitian Bridge Alliance

  • Hazara American Association 

  • Hearts & Homes for Refugees

  • Hello Neighbor

  • Hello Neighbor Network

  • HIAS

  • High Ground Veterans Advocacy

  • Hiring Our Heroes 

  • Home for Refugees USA

  • Home is Here NOLA

  • Honor the Promise

  • Hope for San Diego

  • Houston Community College

  • Houston Immigration Legal Services Collaborative

  • Human Rights First

  • Human Rights Watch

  • Husayn For Humanity

  • IAVA - Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

  • ICNA Relief USA

  • Immigrant & Refugee Outreach Center

  • Immigrant Advocates Response Collaborative

  • Immigrant Arc

  • Immigrant Welcome Center

  • Immigrant Women's Community Center

  • The Independence Fund

  • Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis

  • Inspiritus

  • International Institute of Los Angeles

  • International Rescue Committee

  • IRAP - International Refugee Assistance Project

  • IRIS - Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services

  • Islamic Association of Raleigh

  • Islamic Association of Texas 

  • Islamic Center of Boise

  • Islamic Relief USA

  • Jesuit Refugee Service USA

  • Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington

  • The Jewish Federations of North America

  • KC for Refugees

  • Keeping Our Promise

  • KIND - Kids in Need of Defense

  • Komak Foundation

  • Kyiv-Mohyla Foundation of America

  • Lafayette College

  • The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights

  • License to Freedom

  • Lions Club International

  • LIRS - Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

  • Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry

  • Luminus Network for New Americans

  • Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area

  • MAKE Projects

  • Mayors Migration Council

  • Mighty Oaks Foundation

  • Migration and Refugee Services/United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 

  • Miles4Migrants

  • Military Child Education Coalition

  • Military Spouse Advocacy Network

  • Milwaukee Muslim Women's Coalition/Islamic Resource Center

  • The Mission Continues

  • Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees 

  • Mozaic

  • Muslim Association of Virgnia

  • Muslim Foster Care Association

  • MY Project USA

  • NASH - National Association of System Heads

  • Nation's Finest

  • National Coalition Supporting Eurasian Jewry

  • National Immigration Forum

  • National Immigration Law Center

  • National Latino Evangelical Coalition

  • National Partnership for New Americans

  • National Restaurant Association

  • Neighbor to Neighbor

  • Neighbors for Refugees

  • New American Association of MA

  • New American Economy

  • New England Arab American Organization

  • New Neighbors Partnership

  • NextOp

  • Niskanen Center

  • No One Left Behind

  • Noor Islamic and Cultural Community Center

  • Northern Virginia Community College

  • NoVA RAFT - Resettling Afghan Families Together

  • Nova Ukraine

  • Oklahoma State University

  • Olive Branch Muslim Family Services

  • One Journey

  • One World One Love

  • OneOC

  • Open Hands Initiative

  • Orange County Jewish Coalition for Refugees

  • Oxfam America

  • PAIR - Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees

  • PARS Equality Center

  • Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees

  • Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans

  • Pima Community College


  • Portland Refugee Support Group

  • Presidents' Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration

  • Project Azul

  • Project Worthmore

  • PsychArmor

  • R-SEAT - Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table 

  • Radiant Hands are Helping Hands

  • Rainbow Railroad

  • Razom for Ukraine


  • REDA Center

  • Refugee & Immigrant Transitions

  • Refugee Advocacy Lab

  • Refugee Assistance Alliance

  • Refugee Assistance Partners NJ

  • Refugee Congress

  • Refugee Council USA

  • Refugee Development Center

  • Refugee Education & Adventure Challenge 

  • Refugee Investment Network

  • The Refugee Response

  • Refugee Women's Network

  • Refugees International

  • RefugePoint

  • Restore Her Voice

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Alliance for Ukraine

  • Riverview International Center

  • Rotary International

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  • Sahaba Initiative

  • Salt Lake Community College

  • Samaritan’s Purse

  • San Diego Afghan Connections and Cultural Center

  • San Diego Afghan Refugees Aid

  • San Francisco State University

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  • Save Our Allies

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  • Secure Families Initiative

  • Share Our Strength

  • Soldiers' Angels

  • Solutions in Hometown Connections

  • Somali American United Council of Arizona

  • Somali Bantu Association of America

  • Somali Family Service of San Diego

  • Southwest Wisconsin Community Action Program

  • Special Olympics

  • Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning

  • Student Veterans of America 

  • Syracuse University Institute for Veterans & Military Families

  • Syrian Community Network

  • Tahirih Justice Center

  • Talent Beyond Boundaries

  • TAPS - Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors

  • Tarjimly

  • Team Rubicon

  • Tennessee Justice for Our Neighbors

  • Tennessee Resettlement Aid 

  • Texas International Education Consortium

  • Texas Woman's University

  • Travis Manion Foundation

  • Truman Center for National Policy

  • Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry

  • U.S.-Afghan Women's Council

  • U.S.-Ukraine Foundation

  • Ukraine House Davos

  • Ukraine Immigration Task Force

  • UkraineNow

  • Ukrainian American Bar Association

  • Ukrainian American Credit Union Association

  • Ukrainian American Cultural Center of NJ

  • Ukrainian American Youth Association

  • Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia

  • Ukrainian Congress Committee of America

  • Ukrainian Educational and Cultural Center

  • Ukrainian National Association

  • Ukrainian National Women's League of America

  • Ukrainian Nationals

  • Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA

  • Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association

  • Unidos US


  • United Stateless

  • The United States Conference of Mayors

  • United Ukrainian American Relief Committee

  • United Way of Central Massachusetts

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  • The University of Texas at San Antonio

  • The University of Tulsa

  • Upwardly Global

  • USA for UNHCR

  • USAHello

  • USCRI - US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

  • Utah Muslim Civic League

  • Utah Ukrainian Association


  • Veterans Bridge Home

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

  • Vets for American Ideals

  • Vets' Community Connections

  • VetVoice Foundation

  • Viets for Afghans

  • Virginia Commonwealth University

  • Virginia Council of Muslim Organizations

  • Vitendo 4 Africa

  • Wake Forest University

  • Water for Ishmael

  • We Are All America

  • We Hire Refugees

  • WeaveTales

  • Weber Shandwick

  • The Welcome Co-Op

  • Welcome Home Jersey City

  • Welcome Neighbor STL

  • The Welcome to America Project

  • Welcome With Dignity

  • WelcomeNST

  • Welcoming America

  • The Welcoming Center

  • The Welfare Association for the Development of Afghanistan

  • With Honor Action

  • Women for Afghan Women

  • Women's Refugee Commission

  • World Education Services

  • World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations

  • World Learning

  • World Refugee Day Chicago

  • World Relief

  • Wounded Warrior Project

  • YMCA Houston

  • YMCA of the USA

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