A Newcomer Expands the Circle of Welcoming by Paying it Forward


August 22, 2022


Fleeing Afghanistan with her family and just the clothes on their backs, Asma Azimi arrived in the U.S. when she was a child and now, as an adult and community organizer, volunteers because she doesn’t want newcomers to feel the way that she did when she got here. She wants to provide for newcomers and to help restore dignity to those who have fled war and suppression. Asma received a midnight call that a group of newcomers were arriving in Northern Virginia after several days in transit and interpreters were needed to help get them settled. There was no question that she’d show up immediately and get to work. Using Instagram, Asma alerted the community about the essential items that were needed and was moved by how her friends and acquaintances contributed and showed up. Acknowledging that it makes her emotional to recall how much the community provided, she said that she couldn’t have accomplished what she did without their help.

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