Welcome.US CEO Council

The Welcome.US CEO Council brings together America's most influential companies to help Americans as they welcome newcomers and ensure they thrive.

With visionary leadership from our co-chairs—Accenture Chair and CEO Julie Sweet and Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai—the CEO Council mobilizes private sector resources, innovations, and employees to provide support to Americans who are welcoming those seeking refuge in the U.S., dramatically expanding our nation’s capacity to welcome newcomers.

We have learned that companies can make a greater impact in our communities when we share resources and learnings. I am deeply grateful to all of the CEOs who have committed the resources of their companies to expand the impact of Welcome.US through the CEO Council. We invite businesses of all sizes to join us in support of our new neighbors as they rebuild their lives in our communities."
Julie Sweet, Chair and CEO, Accenture and Welcome.US CEO Council Co-Chair

CEO Council Priorities and Impact

The Welcome.US CEO Council launched with two missions: respond to urgent displacement crises and transform the resettlement system.

By leveraging private sector resources and innovations and amplifying them with the contributions of millions of Americans donating their time, resources, and expertise, the CEO Council has helped scale the provision of essential goods, technology, and services; quality jobs and legal aid; and opportunities for communities to sponsor newcomers in need of safety.

50,000 jobs for newcomers

listed as accepting applications on the Employment Exchange; plus 375+ on the spot job offers at hiring fairs and 1,300 resumes reviewed

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$18.8M in goods and services

provided through Welcome Exchange; and 10K home setups through the Last Mile program with Amazon

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850M+ donated airline miles

with Miles4Migrants; 20,000 flights bringing our Afghan allies to safety

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26K newcomers

connected on 30K donated devices, with 200K phone plans through Google and T-Mobile

1,200 legal services volunteers

helped over 1,300 Afghan asylum applicants and their families with legal services

$20 million in funds contributed

to community organizations, engaging over 22K volunteers and helping nearly 75,000 Afghans and other newcomers

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Engage your business

Businesses of all sizes—and in all sectors—can support the work of sponsors as they welcome newcomers. Find out how to engage your business.

Meet the CEO Council

  • Portrait of Julie Sweet

    Julie Sweet


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  • Portrait of Sundar Pichai

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  • Portrait of Shantanu Narayen

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    David Mussafer

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  • Portrait of Brian Chesky

    Brian Chesky

    Airbnb and Airbnb.org

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  • Portrait of Joe Gebbia

    Joe Gebbia

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    Business Roundtable

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  • Portrait of David Solomon

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  • Portrait of To learn more about how to join the Welcome.US CEO Council, reach out to businesses@welcome.us.

    To learn more about how to join the Welcome.US CEO Council, reach out to [email protected].

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