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Someone from Ukraine
Someone from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, Venezuela

Sponsorship is a chance to change lives — including yours


Announcing a new service opportunity for Americans to sponsor refugee newcomers and strengthen their communities.


You can make it possible for families to find safety in the United States

Connecting is easy

We connect you to a refugee seeking a sponsor to start a conversation. You decide if you’d like to move forward.

You don’t have to do it alone

Gather your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors – anyone in your network – to form a support system for newcomers.

Security is a top priority

The U.S. government vets newcomers before they enter the country, and screens potential sponsors.

Sponsorship is more important than ever

Right now sponsorship is the only pathway for displaced Ukrainians seeking refuge in the U.S. and the most secure pathway to safety in the U.S. for Venezuelans fleeing violence and oppression. You can be that bridge to safety.

What others are saying about sponsorship

  • Nick Kristof

    “As the son of a refugee, I'm inspired by the Welcome.US mission... By signing up as a sponsor you can give immigrants the chance to rebuild their lives and enrich your own. ”
    – Nicholas Kristoff - Columnist, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times columnist

  • Elizabeth Langland, Sponsor

    “I’d say to people: take the leap because you won’t be alone. There’s lots of people to help you and make this work. I’ve just been stunned.”
    – Elizabeth Langland, Sponsor

  • Kelly Wheeler

    "Sponsorship has been wonderful for us. Viktoriia is strong, open-minded to our life here, and so positive through it all. She and her son have become our family."
    - Kelly Wheeler, Sponsor

  • Grant Jones

    "Here was someone asking for help. What right do I have to say no, if they are sincere and if I am able to provide it?"
    -Grant Jones, Sponsor