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The Welcome Fund supports newcomers as they begin the journey to build new lives in the United States.

Americans from all walks of life – representing the diverse faiths, races, cultures, and identities that comprise the tapestry of lived experiences in the United States – are stepping up to welcome newcomers forced to flee their homes through no fault of their own. Communities across the country have shown that Americans have the will and capacity to welcome. Your donation will help support our new neighbors as they take the first steps toward settling into our communities. Together we are building a movement of welcome, and lasting capacity, that extends beyond any immediate crises and enables us to support future newcomers.

Donate Online

Make a tax-deductible contribution to our GoFundMe Fundraiser, a partnership with GoFundMe.org.

Donate By Mail

GoFundMe.org | 8605 Santa Monica Blvd, #88639 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (Please include “Welcome Fund” in the memo line or any letter you enclose.)

Make a Major Donation

For information on donor directed or corporate contributions, please contact: welcomefund@welcome.us

The Welcome Fund has raised more than $20 million since its founding in September, 2021, and has distributed over $15 million to 172 organizations supporting the arrival, housing, and welcome of Afghan newcomers.

Welcome Fund Grantees Span the United States


The Fund was launched in September 2021 with the express purpose of supporting Afghan newcomers. The Fund has now expanded to respond to the needs of Ukrainians and others fleeing their homelands and seeking refuge in the United States.

Welcome Fund beneficiaries include local, regional and national organizations that support Afghans, Ukrainians and others fleeing their homelands as they connect to a welcoming community in the United States.

The Welcome Fund is governed by an independent advisory committee, which ensures that funds are effectively managed and dispersed to meet critical needs. The committee is composed of leaders who bring lived experience, refugee resettlement and legal services expertise, grantmaking knowledge, and other resources that are essential to accomplishing the Fund’s mission. Welcome Fund Grantees may include organizations that have strategic partnerships with Welcome.US.

GoFundMe.org manages donations to and disbursements from the Welcome Fund. It also provides rigorous fiduciary and compliance oversight; supports rapid deployment of grants; and ensures timely and transparent reporting.