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Welcome.US created the Welcome Fund to ensure Afghans and others fleeing their homelands are supported and connected to welcoming communities across the United States. The Fund supports efforts that enable individuals from all walks of life to welcome newcomers and build systemic and innovative solutions that create a more sustainable and integrated infrastructure for welcome. 


Your gift will help create opportunities for Americans from all walks of life to welcome and support their Afghan neighbors in getting settled in their new communities.

Your donation will ultimately benefit our Afghan allies and their families, helping them get a fresh start in communities across the country by addressing critical needs including, food, housing, legal support, transportation, health care, wellness, and more. 

Our GoFundMe accepts tax-deductible contributions from the general public. If you are a major individual or institutional donor please email us to discuss funding opportunities. 

We also encourage you to consider funding front-line and local organizations serving newcomers in your community. Discover hundreds of opportunities on Welcome.US.

Whether you are an individual or institutional donor, your gift can help our new Afghan neighbors establish a new life in the United States––as well as build upon the movement to welcome and support all those seeking refuge beyond this immediate crisis.  


A project of Welcome.US, the Welcome Fund is governed by a separate, independent advisory committee, which ensures that funds are effectively managed and dispersed to meet critical issues.

The committee is comprised of leaders who bring lived experience, refugee resettlement and legal services expertise, grantmaking knowledge, and other resources that are essential to executing the Fund’s mission.