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Be a Rainbow. Be a Welcomer.

Told through the timeless words of Dr. Maya Angelou is the story of an Afghan family's journey to the United States and the events that led to their evacuation. As the family steps off the plane they meet a circle of community sponsors led by a Vietnamese-American U.S. military veteran who was himself welcomed in 1975.

Across the country, Americans from all walks of life are choosing to be rainbows in the lives of newcomers from Afghanistan. Explore “How to Help” above to find ways that you can become a welcomer, too.

Aired originally during the 2022 Winter Olympics, courtesy of Comcast and NBC/Universal

Story: Droga 5

Animation: Art Camp

Music: Emile Mosseri

Voice and Vision: Dr. Maya Angelou, used with the permission of Caged Bird Legacy, Harpo, Inc., and MayaAngelou.com.