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Paying It Forward

All-Star DC Chefs Host Dinner to Help Afghan Refugees

Chef Seng Luangrath knows what it’s like to be a refugee, having fled Laos in 1981 for a camp in Thailand. So when the dire news footage began flooding in from Afghanistan, “it’s like going back to old memories,” says Luangrath, who runs Laotian restaurants Thip Khao and Padaek. Luangrath has long supported Southeast Asian refugees; now, she’s turning her attention those coming from the Middle East.

Luangrath is one of nine high-profile area chefs participating in a fundraising dinner to help Afghan refugees. It’ll take place at Moon Rabbit, the modern Vietnamese restaurant at the Wharf, on Monday, September 13. Many of the dinner’s participants are refugees themselves, or come from families who left their homelands, whether by choice or not. Chefs taking part include Jocelyn Law-Yone (Thamee); Paolo Dungca (Pogiboy) Yuan Tang (Rooster & Owl); Marcelle Afram (Shababi); Rahul Vinod (Rasa); Tim Ma (Lucky Danger); and Erik Bruner-Yang (Maketto). Moon Rabbit chef Kevin Tien helped organize the group through the nonprofit he helped launch, Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate, which has since gone national.

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Image Credit: Chandler West courtesy of Thamee