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What is
Community Sponsorship?

Everyday American hosts, together with local churches, neighborhood groups, schools and other groups now have the opportunity to directly sponsor refugees by serving as guides, advocates, and friends. Sponsor groups help families to feel at home in their new community – through practical help that might include finding housing, providing initial groceries and clothing, contributing early financial assistance, scheduling medical appointments, helping connect children to schools, supporting job searches, and more.

Sponsorship Helps Entire
Communities Thrive

The beautiful thing about sponsorship is that everyone wins. Families integrate into their neighborhood, sponsors connect with others in their group, and communities grow stronger. Sponsorship brings a whole community together, doing something that can make us all proud as Americans.

Sponsorship Can
Happen Everywhere

Sponsorship happens in partnership with non-profit organizations across the United States – and new sponsor groups are forming all across America. The Welcoming movement is gaining momentum everywhere, and you can help get it started in your community.