Welcome Campus Network

The Welcome Campus Network amplifies the work of colleges and universities in welcoming and supporting newcomers who are seeking safety from across the globe.

Supporting newcomers' higher education goals

Welcome.US launched the Welcome Campus Network (WCN) in December 2021 in partnership with the National Association of System Heads, the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, the Texas International Education Consortium, Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR), and the University of Texas at El Paso—whose president, Dr. Heather Wilson (former Secretary of the United States Air Force) recruited 27 other universities and colleges as members of the network.

WCN members are active participants in welcoming, providing scholarships, housing, community sponsorship, pathways to education, and other support to thousands of newcomers. The Welcome Campus Network highlights the innovation and transformative power of higher education institutions.

Now with additional resources through the Supporting Higher Education in Refugee Resettlement (SHERR) program, the Welcome Campus Network seeks to grow and deepen its impact. The SHERR program is funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration.

Join the Welcome Campus Network

Joining WCN means joining a community of colleges, universities, and organizations working with campuses that are committed to welcoming newcomers. Members participate (as available) in meetings twice per month to share information and best practices; learn from national, state, and local officials, advocates, and practitioners on opportunities, trends, and events; participate in communities of practice; and build common solidarity and community. Through SHERR, WCN members benefit from tools, trainings, and resources.

Please complete the Welcome Campus Network Membership form to join. Questions? Contact [email protected].

Members are invited to join the Welcome Campus Network as either an institutional or individual member:

Institutional members

Institutional members are listed on the WCN webpage, join the network’s list serv, attend virtual meetings (held twice a month), and are messengers of welcome.

Individual members

Individual members join the network’s list serv, attend virtual meetings (held twice a month), and become messengers of welcome.

You can also join the listserv. Learn more about upcoming Welcome Campus Network meetings, member events, and presentations; access resources; and join a community seeking to learn from and support one another in advancing a shared commitment to welcoming refugees and other newcomers.

Oklahoma State University did not hesitate to help when they heard that Afghan newcomers were coming to their state. They provided a safe place for 70 newcomers by offering housing for Afghan families in their graduate student housing units. Oklahoma State University is a founding member of the Welcome Campus Network.


WCN Resources

Members can access exclusive resources (coming soon), including presentations and resources shared from guest speakers; resources, tools, and trainings developed by the SHERR consortium; and tools and materials shared by other WCN members.

Welcome Campus Networks invites a number of national, state, and local officials, advocates, newcomers, and practitioners to present on current opportunities, trends, experiences, and events in refugee resettlement. View the WCN meeting schedule.

SHERR Resources

The Supporting Higher Education in Refugee Resettlement (SHERR) program hosted a two-day National Workshop, “Higher Education and Refugee Resettlement: Partners in Action,” on November 8-9, 2023, held in person at the University of Maryland, in College Park, with the university as the campus host. The workshop brought together leaders, experts, and practitioners from across the U.S. to share information, learn, connect, and develop strategies for advancing the role of colleges and universities in the resettlement and welcoming of student and non-student refugees using campus resources and community collaboration. Read the SHERR press release.

SHERR Workshop Report coming soon.

Partner Resources

AHLAN: A Manual for Establishing Resettlement Campuses Together, or AHLAN, for short, is the premiere guide on how to create inclusive campuses that are welcoming to refugees. Read this press release for more details.

Welcome.US thanks our partners for their support. Learn More about SHERR and our partners through the Presidents’ Alliance Higher Education Portal.

Welcome Campus Network Members

The WCN members listed above are institutional members who have agreed to share their logos.

Be a Welcomer

Discover how rewarding it can be to welcome newcomers into your community.

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