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Thanks to welcomers everywhere, Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants together raised over 500 million airline miles and $2 million in the fall of 2021. These efforts made it possible for over 18,000 Afghan newcomers to reach their new homes here in the United States. Now, donate your miles to help Afghans, Ukrainians, and others fleeing violence secure a flight to safety.

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How It Works


Donate Your Miles Directly Into A Pooled Miles Account

If you have miles with Delta, United, Alaska, or Air Canada, you can transfer the miles directly from your own account into Miles4Migrants’ account. Then, you’re all set! Miles4Migrants will have access to your miles to be able to book flights for someone to start their new beginning. Because using pooled miles means Miles4Migrants doesn’t have to go through donors to book a ticket, flight recipients can get to safe homes faster.


Pledge Your Miles And Work With Miles4Migrants To Book A Flight

If you have miles or points from any other rewards program, you can make a pledge now and help book a ticket later. Once you pledge your miles, Miles4Migrants will work to find a flight recipient and contact you as soon as they have an individual or family who is in need of your pledged miles. Depending on the type of miles you pledge, the Miles4Migrants Booking Team will either book the flight for you – with your help – or work with you to book the flight yourself. Either way, you’ll help someone be on their way to their new beginning!


No Miles Or Points? Donate Money To Cover Airfare, Taxes, And Fees

Cash donations are a big help in addition to miles. While frequent flyer miles cover most airfare expenses, cash is needed for each ticket to cover taxes, departure and arrival fees, and fuel surcharges. Our average cost of taxes and fees per flight booked with miles is $33.80 per person. In certain circumstances, booking a flight with cash instead of miles/points is more cost effective, so your cash contribution may be used to book airfare as well. $200 is around the cost of one ticket for an Afghan evacuee to fly from an airport near a military base to their final destination.

Meet Some of Miles4Migrants’ Passengers


U.S. Army translator who was reunited with his son just in time to celebrate his 5th birthday.


Interpreter for the U.S. Army who escaped Kabul after years of faithful and honorable service.

Sulaiman & Family

Thanks to free airfare, Sulaiman was reunited with his family after years in a center for young refugees.


14 year old boy reunited with his family after 6 years apart.


Thank you to businesses, local organizations, and the American people for making an unprecedented commitment to ensuring that no one is turned away from a new beginning because they cannot afford airfare.

5,000+ flights funded

($1,000,000+ or 75M+ miles)

2,500+ flights funded

($500,000+ or 37.5M miles)

1,500+ flights funded

($300,000+ or 22.5M+ miles)

500+ flights funded

($100,000+ or 7.5M+ miles)

50+ flights funded

($10,000+ or 750,000+ miles)

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