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The Welcome Legal Alliance is mobilizing thousands of volunteers to support the legal service needs of Afghan newcomers. 

Over 80,000 people were evacuated from Afghanistan and sought refuge in the United States. Now, many of those Afghan families and individuals are facing asylum application deadlines that will determine whether they’re able to build a secure and permanent future here.

The Welcome Legal Alliance channels the passion and skill of volunteers around the country to help our Afghan allies access essential legal support.

Whether you are an attorney or have other skills to share, you can play an important role in helping support Afghan families who are seeking to rebuild their lives in the United States. Some of our volunteers are experienced in the immigration sector, but others are new to this work. Some can devote many months to volunteering, while others have a couple of hours to give. Everyone is needed and welcome. 

The Welcome Legal Alliance is partnering with legal service experts to guide you every step of the way and give you the training and mentorship you need to succeed.

Get Started As a Volunteer

Step 1: Sign Up

By signing up, you’ll receive information from the Welcome Legal Alliance about upcoming volunteer opportunities that match your skills and interests. If you coordinate volunteer groups for your employer or law firm, you can also indicate your special role and we’ll help to coordinate your group.

Step 2: Get Trained

Complete the corresponding training for the kind of volunteer work you want to do. These Training Onramps are specially designed to introduce volunteers who are new to this work to exactly what's needed to get started. You must complete the corresponding training for your work before you are placed with a volunteer opportunity.

Limited Asylum Representation (“Pro Se Plus”)

Work one-on-one with a family to help them file their application for Asylum, “pro se” (to help a family file their own application) before the Asylum Office , with access to ongoing mentorship for attorneys and attorney-paralegal teams.

Full Representation Before the Asylum Office

Work one-on-one with a family to help them file their application for asylum with the Asylum Office. Provide volunteer legal representation, with access to ongoing mentorship for attorneys and attorney-paralegal teams.

Learn more about the Afghan asylum process

What does the asylum process look like for Afghans who were evacuated as part of Operation Allies Welcome? This basic backgrounder will help you understand the process and the players so you can better understand how volunteers can assist. The process looks different from other pro bono asylum cases you may have worked on.

Looking for deeper training?

Begin to familiarize yourself with asylum law and the entire asylum process. This comprehensive online Afghan asylum training from VECINA will get you started.

Afghan Asylum Training

The Welcome Legal Alliance is a joint partnership between Welcome.US and these valued partners.