2023 Holiday Impact Prize

Nearly 2 million Americans have signed up to sponsor individuals and families searching for safety since the U.S. government created new humanitarian sponsorship pathways to welcome newcomers—you can join the effort. New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof is honoring this extraordinary effort by featuring Welcome.US in his annual Holiday Impact Prize campaign—an honor he has bestowed on Welcome.US two years in a row!

We share this honor with the thousands of Welcomers who are helping to resettle newcomers in our communities, and the amazing partners from every sector of American society who have joined this welcoming movement.

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When everyday Americans are given the opportunity to make an impact by sponsoring and welcoming newcomers who are fleeing violence and crises, they raise their hands in record numbers. Private sponsorship has allowed the U.S. to welcome more than 430,000 newcomers and refugees in just 20 months.

For the second year, Nicholas Kristof has named Welcome.US an honoree of his Holiday Impact Prize, which uplifts organizations that are making the world a better place. This is both a celebration of the collective effort of Welcomers around the country who are making a life-changing impact and a call to others to join the movement. Join the Welcome.US email list to learn more about how you can volunteer and become a sponsor.

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I’m inspired by the Welcome.US mission of empowering everyday Americans to sponsor refugees and help them integrate into local communities. I exist because of such generosity, for American sponsors welcomed my dad as a refugee after World War II. As the war in Ukraine persists, we have an opportunity to offer warmth and community to individuals and families looking for a bridge to safety.
Nicholas Kristof, Columnist for the New York Times and two-time Pulitzer Prize Winner

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Sponsorship is the most powerful act of welcome, and anyone can do it. Sponsors are guides, neighbors, friends, and cheerleaders for families seeking to rebuild their lives in the U.S.

American sponsors can provide a lifeline to eligible newcomers seeking refuge in the U.S. Through our Welcome Connect platform, potential sponsors like you can connect directly with newcomers to explore sponsorship. And the Welcome Corps offers the opportunity to sponsor refugees globally.

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Welcome Corps

The Welcome Corps is a new service opportunity for Americans to welcome refugees from around the world.

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Humanitarian Sponsorship

Humanitarian sponsorship empowers Americans to provide a bridge to safety for people in crisis in eligible countries such as Ukraine.

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Discover how rewarding it can be to welcome newcomers into your community.

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Discover how rewarding it can be to welcome newcomers into your community.

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