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The Fall of Kabul: One Year Later

Our Mission Isn’t Over: Helping our new Afghan neighbors rebuild

It is hard to believe, but it has been one year since the fall of Kabul:

…One year since tens of thousands of our Afghan allies were forced to abandon everything they knew and fight for their right to self-determination.

…One year since we watched the harrowing moments unfold at the airport in Kabul.

…One year since Americans from all walks of life stepped up to welcome Afghan evacuees in communities across the country.

The call to resettle 80,000 Afghan allies in one year was an unprecedented national challenge. Welcome.US was founded to meet this challenge – and thousands of businesses, civic organizations, faith groups, community organizations, and individuals stepped up to help. Americans from all corners of the country donated 800 million airline miles, opened your Airbnb rentals to 20,000 newcomers, and donated $17 million to the Welcome Fund.

We’re deeply grateful for this outpouring of support - but our mission is not over.

Remember the images from a year ago of families crammed into evacuation planes: They came with only what they could carry. They’ve made huge strides during this year to rebuild their lives. But many are still struggling to navigate the U.S. job market, find affordable housing and set up a comfortable and safe home.

“The long-term success of our new Afghan neighbors, and our long-term success as a nation of welcomers, rests on capitalizing on our learnings from this past year and approaching refugee resettlement in a radical new way: the overhaul of our traditional refugee resettlement system by providing on-ramps for American communities to be partners in this work.” — Nazanin Ash, Welcome.US CEO. 

Read Naz’s full statement and our memo on a year of welcoming Afghan newcomers.

As Maya Angelou’s words echo in our “Be a Rainbow” film, you can choose to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Here are three acts of welcome you can take right now to help our new neighbors to rebuild their lives:

1. Give Welcome Essentials

Make a much-needed gift through this platform to provide the essentials a displaced Afghan family needs to feel at home – thousands of miles from everything they were forced to leave behind.

2. Send a message of Welcome

A simple act of Welcome – like sending a welcome message – can help newcomers feel less isolated and more at home in their new community.

3. Give to the Welcome Fund

The Welcome Fund directs 100% of donations to on-the-ground groups that support newcomers from Afghanistan and Ukraine.