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Hoosiers Donate Hundreds of Prayer Rugs to Afghan Refugees

Hoosiers have stepped up to fill some needs, from clothing donations and personal hygiene products, to soccer balls and coloring books for children.

But there’s one gift that especially stands out during this tumultuous time.

“In any religion, when you're going through a hardship time, who do you turn to? Your Creator,” said Brikhna Atmar, a Zionsville, IN resident. In Islam, she explained, the importance of daily prayers — and a clean, sacred space to practice them — is paramount. A prayer rug offers that pure area for worship.

The desperate longing for faith in a time of crisis, spurred good Samaritans to action across the state.

The Muslim Alliance of Indiana has collected donations, including about 600 prayer rugs and Tasbeeh, or reflections beads, from both Muslim Hoosiers and various congregations. Afshan Paarlberg collected donations on behalf of the group one evening, while Atmar picked them up and delivered them to Camp Atterbury.

"It's almost like a community relay race — passing the baton from one person to the next," Paarlberg shared in a text message.

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Image Credit: Sgt. Tackora Farrington / Indiana National Guard