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An Unlikely Friendship

  By Sahar Driver How often does a Congolese ultra-liberal professor of anthropology become close friends with a white, ultra-conservative, Vietnam vet from a small American town? The friendship between my father and my former professor is an unlikely one. They met at my doctoral defense and initially connected over their shared affection for me. But over the course of many encounters since, I have watched the budding of an unexpected friendship over dinners, stories, and a growing, genuine interest in the...

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66 Cities and States Celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month

  The Second Annual Immigrant Heritage Month is finally here, and we’ve been working around the clock to spread the word and ensure that everyone has a chance to celebrate with us by sharing stories of their own immigrant heritage. Aside from the massive social media push by our allies and partners – community organizations, artists, and thought leaders –an important part of Immigrant Heritage Month is gaining the support of elected officials across the country. We are excited to announce that we...

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Meet Lucas Alvarado-Farrar, Photographer Behind Celebrate US Photo Series

I have grown up in motion. Whether making regular bus trips from D.C., where I lived with my mom, to NYC, where my dad lived uptown, or boarding a plane to visit my relatives in Honduras – I have always lived in multiple worlds at once. I took my first flight at three months old to my family's home town of Tela, Atlántida on the coast of the Caribbean. I wasn't yet old enough to hold my head up and my...

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