Immigrant Heritage Month Proclamations Stack as June Comes to a Close

  We have only one week left of Immigrant Heritage Month, but we’re not slowing down – and neither are you! Over the past month, people from across the country have shared their family stories and celebrated the diversity of their origins. And local and state governments and legislators have listened. Since the beginning of June, 82 elected officials have proclaimed these 30 summery days as Immigrant Heritage Month, and with it, recognized the importance of celebrating the unique, cultural fabric of our country. The...

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Los Angeles Walks 3,000 Miles in Immigrants’ Shoes this June

Imagine walking 3,000 miles from San Francisco to Washington D.C. With five other people. For eight, long months. That is exactly what six immigrant youths – and protagonists of the documentary American DREAMers – did in 2012, all in the name of human rights, family, and reform. Earlier this month,’s Los Angeles chapter partnered with Immigrant Heritage Month for an exclusive screening of American DREAMers, followed by a rich conversation with filmmakers Saray Deiseil and Jenniffer Castillo (featured above) and a...

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Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 4.34.01 PM and MomsRising Swap Recipes & Stories for #FoodFri

If nature and nurture were mapped in a venn diagram, moms would exist in the sliver of overlap in the middle. So it comes with little surprise that moms play such a key role in passing down family heritage stories – and, of course, the secret steps to make those delicious empanadas. And key lime pie. And vegetarian lasagna. (We'll stop now because we're getting hungry). Last Friday, MomsRising partnered with to host a very special Immigrant Heritage Month edition of...

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